About Us

Based in Leeds, DAMASQ originated directly from the first-hand experience of migrants. Dating from our formation in 2016 we took the initiative and the responsibility to support new migrants, to help empower them, and to make them feel welcomed and valued.

We have also learned that migrants can add value, experience knowledge and skills to the communities in which they live, and therefore everyone benefits. DAMASQ works to support migrants, to enhance and project a positive vision of their roles and contributions to the communities in which they live. DAMASQ is committed to be open, inclusive and fair to all.

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Our Vision

Our vision embraces the idea that communities and individuals prosper most when society has a positive view of the potential of all its members. DAMASQ believes that migrants can contribute to the community institutions structures and values which allow all citizens to flourish. We aim to help to create a fair society for all in which with equal opportunities are promoted within a culture which is inclusive, caring, supportive and in which people are valued and respected.

Our Mission

Damasq recognises challenges that face new migrants and people in need. We believe in the power of connection and connecting communities by promoting cultural and intercultural awareness, and by promoting action, services and community resources. By connecting services with people though events, projects, dialogue, guidance and education our vision in action is to enhance community cohesion and development. In this way we see DAMASQ acting as an opinion and action leader in the promotion of the City of Leeds as a location of outstanding practice in welcoming migrants and in enabling their role in making the city a pioneering centre for the values of peace, development and community cohesion.

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We are always on the look out for will volunteers to help us on our mission.

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